Top 5 movies every technology geek should watch

Future guarantees and opportunities have constantly been a thrilling challenge for human kind. Earlier, use of technology in films was regarded as unreal. But with superior filmmaking special effects tools, it’s not weird to blend technology with movies and paint a tomorrow’s society with exact visuals. Here I’ve prepared a list of a number of my favourite technology based hollywood movies, from sci-fi to biopics to ’80s classics. 

  1. Her (2013) 

Spike Jonze’s Her is a quiet romantic drama. Theodore Twombly (performed via way of means of Joaquin Phoenix) and an artificially clever working gadget named Samantha voiced via way of means of Scarlett Johansson (is it any marvel he’d fall in love?). Theodore leverages keyboard-unfastened model of existence wherein the entirety is pushed via way of means of voice-enabled services- powered via way of means of Artificial Intelligence. Samantha as a era continues to be taken into consideration as a task in idea because it does now no longer promise to return back to truth as but not like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Now.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, astronauts on a mysterious project aboard Discovery One to analyse a black monolith on Jupiter this is reputedly influencing human evolution. They had the necessities of laptops and mobile phones, close to best appears at existence in space, and possibly closest to home, the primary virtual voice assistant, the sentient pc HAL, who acts in an increasing number of erratic and threatening conduct as their project progresses. 

3. Inception (2010) 

Emerging from the clever thoughts of Christopher Nolan, Inception cleverly performs with kingdom of phantasm and truth, growing an Inception till you can’t inform the distinction anymore. The movie takes the concept of “lucid dreaming” and runs with it, main to a number of the good computer graphics in any film. A scene will seem like actual till you be aware it’s far warped in a few manners; due to the fact the human thoughts doesn’t create seamless dreams. Reality receives actually bizarre while it turns into viable to dream inside a dream and to idiot a person so absolutely that they want a few sorts of stabilizing token to distinguish among dream and truth.

4. Blade Runner (1982)

Rick Deckard performed via way of means of Harrison Ford is a Blade Runner of the identify who tracks down human clones and replicas who’ve long gone out in their manner in their assigned missions. It is Los Angeles 2019 wherein flying motors is a not unusual sight to behold. Blade Runner creates a sci-fi international that suits near truth. The film offers a message of caution that people want to be cautious of such era that has capacity to breed us.

5. The Matrix (1999) 

The Matrix had a large effect on tech geeks. The Matrix posits that our international is an phantasm, a pc simulation supposed to hold us all docile at the same time as sentient machines farm us for our electricity in rows and rows of vats. The movie conveyed the specific thoughts of synthetic truth, Wall strolling and Bullet time. Wildly creative and noticeably intricate, the film motivated an array of video games, novels and comparable issues of films.

So tech geeks enjoy these movies that brilliantly captures the uses of technologies while some of them also predicts how technology will shape the future. Thanks to the digital era for capturing the future preciously.