Smartphone Gaming – Is it the future?

Gone are those days when mobile phones were meant to used for calling and texting. This is the era of mobile gaming. 10 years ago, when I used to play those super Mario/ ben 10 games on my mobile, if somebody would have told me back then, that I would be playing 3D, multiplayer and awesome graphical games on my mobile phone, I would have laughed my head off  but look here we are, spending an insane amount of hours playing all sorts of games on our smartphones. The era of Battle royales and Call of Duty have changed the way at how people look at gaming on a smartphone gaming. Surely, it is a long way from becoming the gaming console of the future, or being compared with the best of best play machines like PS5 or a desktop with an RTX graphics card, but how far it really is? Or is it really far at all?

Continue to read, and you will find out.

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Year by year, gaming in smartphones have developed and made it way more advanced than what it was on its previous year. Though most of the games are free to play or very cheap compared to console or pc games, there are however, tons of in-app purchases that would suck the life out of you (or the money off your wallet) But there is a fundamental aspect of why smartphone games are about to level up. It’s not about graphics, though I think those are about to leap forward too.

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As more and more users are diving into gaming, and making their purchase based on that, smartphone manufacturers are concentrating more and more on it. Asus, from very early days, started incorporating their key ROG technology on smartphone gaming, and then Oneplus came in with their FNATIC mode  [for those of you don’t know, FNATIC is a Esports team famous for playing online multiplayer CSGO] which lets players trigger on the maximum capability of the phone and get the best gaming experience. Fast forward couple of years now, and Samsung is going to start letting AMD build its graphics cards. I think, there is a very good chance either at that point or even before it, lot of the cool technologies in the AMD’s new gen consoles, like real time Ray tracing will also make it to phones.

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 But there is also the more central movement of smartphones becoming more and more of lucrative gaming platform for developers.

With a usual console, the user base steadily grows for the console lifecycle, like seven years or so. And then you have to start it You have to start from scratch with the next console that comes out. But with mobile every year, forget that every day, the user base is going up without fail. The PlayStation 5, at this moment, approximately got less than 3.5 million users but with mobile we have got over 3.5 billion users at this point in other words if you represent every PlayStation users with one chess piece we’ve got over 31 fully setup chess boards for smartphone users. So it is getting harder and harder for big budget game developers to avoid phones. While the smartphone user base keeps flying the console user base keep cycling up and down. Because of this the phones are becoming less of an afterthought and more of a focus now. Although the hardcore gamers will always prefer a good setup with a bigger

-By Soumyadip Konar

Smartphone Gaming - Is it the future?
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Smartphone Gaming - Is it the future?
With over 3.5 billion growing userbase, manufacturers are now focusing on next-level mobile gaming.

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