Leading Beauty and Cosmetics gadgets moulding the beauty industry in India to enhance with virtual reality.

Key Highlights Of Beauty and Cosmetic Industry

The beauty industry in Indian market was valued at $6.5 Billion in 2017 and is presumed to transcend  by $20 Billion by 2025. Here are the values of the beauty and personal care market that came across from 2010 to 2020.

Image Source :- STATISTA

What is AI Technology in the Beauty Industry ?

AI is the beauty procession for a person and a competition for a programmers succeeding breakthrough for estimating human emergence. It was also an aim to discover the outlook on how tools can recognize human appearance across calculating specific traits frequently related with health and beauty.

List Of Beauty Brands Utilize Augmented Reality In India


Modiface enables beauty AR (Augmented Reality) live streaming on Facebook and Youtube. The distinctiveness of the Modiface automation, enables alleviation technology allows agents to logical assimilate virtual try on observation for limitless quantity of product. The AR reflection of several shades is done computerized build on Artificial Intelligence powered survey of knowledge given by beauty brands. The technology enables to examine stylistic and optical facts similar to a specific makeup shade and to practically recreate it via AR.


Sephora brings 3D facial identification to the subsist Virtual Reality feature on its application.It allows users to try virtually on various shades of lipstick. Sephora’s addition of modern experience will give further pleasure and extensive knowledge. It allows buyers to go for thousands of shades of lip colour and other more products sold in Sephora. It enables the users to go for beauty tutorials byself on their face by automation to know how to accomplish a precise look and assemble it easily to assist you to pick your favorite shade.  It is available in the Sephora App as well as in the stores.


Ulta established an AI (artificial intelligence) form skincare Virtual Reality beauty guide on their website. It enables customers checking out ulta skincare mixture by concern or by consequence. Virtual Beauty guides a sequence of dynamically initiated questions and instant lay off customize advice that can be further inspected and then bought. Ulta’s app enables buyers to ingress product review or virtual makeup by a trait called GLAMlab.

Top Beauty Augmented Reality Application Making Shopping Effortless


Loreal Style My Hair is quite a nice application rather than uploading an image to get unlike hair colour you can have 3D insight. By unlocking your camera you can see the crazy hair colours you wanted to dye and it gives a bizzare look and some crazy changes with your hair. It will really help you to decide and makes your decision way easier



YouCam is the foremost AR and Makeup selfie camera application, It gives you the technology to edit your images with all kinds of makeup like you can play with Hair,Skin Tone,Contour,Blush etc. This customized quality that will enable the users to connect up with beauty professionals with live video converse using AR to examine the products virtually. The guide will help you to get the best possible looks and products for your style accordingly and also help them to buy a particular brand.



Sephora is the best beauty application for virtually makeup. It sounds crazy but it really does. Just you have to upload an image of your face profile and you’re done. If you’re in a hurry and you can’t go to the store it is the best possible to attain your beauty needs.



Wanna Nails Application enables you to try digitally and virtually any shades of nail colour and also it keeps your skin colour accordingly It saves your precious time rather than spending hours into the salon and not even satisfied with the colour we selected. It’s a favor with a curse because here you get so many shades that will really blow up your mind



ShadeScout is basically a cosmetic search application that right away finds the makeup matching colour you see. Just you need to upload an image of your apparel and be able to match the shade flawlessly. Whenever you see a shade you love just click it and upload it will give you the ultimate product with the similar shade.


Author – Yasha Sarawagi