Online Public Relation: A threat to Online Journalism

Nowadays Online media is booming like anything and in case of media management and communication system Online Journalism and Online Public Relation is now become a trend of media. But Online Public Relation Ethics and Standards are now becoming a threat to Online Journalism.

Definition of Public Relation

Public Relation is a practice of creating, promoting or maintaining good will and a favourable image among the public towards an institution or public body.

Nowadays in case of online world though the definition of Public Relations remains same yet the mode of communication transferred into the digital platform.

Advantages of Online Public Relation

  • Cost
  • SEO
  • Credibility
  • Brand

Disadvantages of Online Public Relation

  • It is not a controlled thing like online advertising, where the returns generated for given expenditure.
  • It is a high risk investment.
  • Blogs as a PR tool can generate negative comments.

Threat to Journalism

Though Online Public Relation and Online Journalism are completely different profession yet both of them are a part of Mass Communication.

But nowadays companies and institutions are playing the Public Relation officers to promote their products and services and it has become an advertorial rather paid content.

Common people like us cannot differentiate between paid content and non paid content from a newspaper, magazine or in websites or social medias. For them Online Public Relation is ruling over Online Journalism. Due to overflow of fake news and these Paid advertorials Online Journalism is in a big threat.

Author – Sreejayee Das