The top 5 software to use for digital art in 2020

In today’s date, the digital world has a plethora of software that can benefit the creative agencies or even the freelancers. Digital art software, over the years, has been improved. In a very short period, the list of software has increased rapidly. It can be a bit tough to choose the drawing software which can suit your preferences. This post shall help you to abate your confusion regarding which software to use for creating digital illustrations.

The following are the top 5 digital art software to use for creating digital illustrations.

Adobe Photoshop CC

This drawing software is all you need to reveal your vision into reality in digital form

photoshop cc 2019 image techwagera

Photoshop has been topping the list always when it comes to digital drawing tools. The recent update (Photoshop CC 2019) has increased the quality of the software which added up a lot of new features. Improvements are made in the existing tools as well. The latest version also introduced new AI-infused tools such as Content-Aware Fill Tool, which allows you to work with difficult images by removing objects from scenes. Another interesting change has been made in Apple OS which is the dark UI since it has been one of the most notable features of the Mac OS Catalina. Also, the lens blur feature has been considerably improved to get the reality effect on objects. It is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud suite, which enables you to share all your data and access your tools and works including brushes, pictures, the shade of colours across all your devices. You can work with the PSD file anywhere as it will remain the same whether you are working on your tab, laptop or desktop.

Corel Painter 2020

Best in line digital art app with faster and improved application performance which includes a better interface.

corel painter 2020

The latest version of Corel is the Corel Painter 2020. The interface is improved and is quite impressive.

The main updates in this current version include the GPU-based brushes, performance optimization, improvements in the painting process, an improved brush sector tool and a new colour section tool. The improved interface makes it affable for the new users. Professional photo-painting tools such as auto-painting panels, clone sources and clone painting are available. New interface advancements and automatic performance optimisation has been added. Few fixes are done regarding the brush tracking feature where the thickness and density of lines and strokes are determined by the pressure of the stylus on the tab. The brush performance and its speed have been said to be increased by 20 times and 4 times faster on the CPU. Painter is one of the best contenders to stay in the list of best digital drawing software of 2020 as of now.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

This digital drawing software is mainly beneficial for manga and comic artists.

clip studio paint pro

Clip Studio Paint Pro has captured the market swiftly for creating manga and comic series. It added new advanced pen pressure detection for better outcomes. Tools are now much smarter when it comes to the colouring part of your line art. Advanced precision rulers are available like perspective, symmetry, concentric circle, parallel and radial line ruler. You can create animations or animated illustrations with a maximum of 24 frames. It has a considerable 3D model and noting support which allows you to import and then convert the images and 3D models as lines to incorporate in your digital artwork. The 3D models can be customized as well or you can also download free shapes and poses from Clip Studio Assets. It also has an ex version which is more expensive but has advanced features where you can export files in EPUB or Kindle format for e-book readers. You can make longer animations with the help of the Ex version. You can work as a group as well on one single project.

Rebelle 3

Best for creating water-colour, acrylic illustrations and many more.

Rebelle 3

If you are looking to create water colour artworks in the digital art format, then this is the one for you. It gives you the experience of how paintbrushes and paint would react in the real world.

Rebelle 3 imitates the way colour blending, mixing and colour drying occurs. 

It comes along with a lot of paper options which are very realistic but has limits when it comes to brushes. However, you can make your own with the built-in Brush Creator tool to tackle this problem. Another eye-catchy improvement in the latest version includes “Drop Engine” for replicating drips. A ‘reference image’ panel has been added due to the high demand by the present Rebelle users.Last but not the least, a ‘preview panel’ is added which was a much needed feature for all sorts of digital artists. This feature was very significant because when you are working on something intricate, you would not always want to zoom in and out to check whether the overall illustration is looking good or bad.

Artweaver 7

Affable digital art software for beginners.

artweaver 7

The current version is loaded with revised features and improvements. As a beginner, you can create your masterpiece since the interface is very easy to operate and is customizable.

The new features boast about improved brush handling and adjustments, clear preset handling, reciprocal gradient tool, digital water colour simulation and many more. Also, some minor improvements have been incorporated like an increase in the size filter dialogue, better tablet mode, and upgraded layer duplication. The brush editor is improved which includes a scratch pad where you can try the brushes before working on your art piece. The pen pressure is improved for the windows Ink Pen. If you are entering the world of digital art you might just want to choose Artweaver 7 to create unique illustrations of your own.

As mentioned before, the digital art industry has been improving. The competition among the software making companies is intense now. All of them are trying their best to satisfy the end-users in terms of tools, interface and many more. So before choosing which one to use, be clear of what type of digital art you want to create. Keep your concepts clear and you shall find your match in terms of which software or tool to use. Also, all the above listed software are available for Windows and as well as MacOS except for Artweaver 7 which is available for Windows only. If this blog post was helpful, do share it with your friend!

Author of this article – Benjamin Allan Gomes

The top 5 software to use for digital art in 2020
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The top 5 software to use for digital art in 2020
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