Technology Trends in the Fitness Industry

How Technology Is Transforming The Fitness Industry

The Fitness industry has changed drastically and has become a society trend due to people becoming more aware and conscious. People are depending on technology to gather informaton and plans, they expect results. Most of the people today want to have fun and believe that Fitness is not a destination but a way of life itself due to which they want to enjoy the process of becoming fit. This has made technology an important aspect of their lives. The technology ranges from wearable, apps, streaming classes, to virtual reality fitness. People are no longer content knowing just their weight which thereby pushes them towards technology so that they can know the calories burned, heart rate, steps, body fat percentage , sleep activity,exercise, among others.

What Technologies are Emerging In The Fitness Market?

Fitness Gadgets

Sensoria –  It is an American shoe maker which is a launching running shoes with sensors. It is a high tech gym equipment which has ultra-thin Kevlar lore will be embedded wth four sensors to caputure calories burned, steps, impct and distance. Such shoes can be siad to be more accurate on counting of steps and distance travelled compared to many fitbits or bands wich are available in the market already.

Innovation in footwear technology

Jaxjox KettlebellIt is a high tech smart kettlebell which has multiple options for weight. It has the option to allow users to change weight easily which is time saving and saves space on the floor. It is embedded with sensors to track intensity and duration of the training.

Smart kettlebell to save time and change weights.

Health monitor watchThese are accessory which has now become common for people to use. They provide data to the users regarding heart rate, steps, distance, sleep pattern,  calories burned and also different features such as to show messages, call ,etc. Eg- Apple watch series, Fitbit, fitness bands. These wearables gives feedback to the users and provide detailed information about their progress, performance and development.

ClothingThese are the clothing gear or clothing tech which is emerging and becoming popular in the fitness indurtry. They are futuristic and high-tech. Eg- Under Amour, Sensoria, etc. These clothing gear help to track heart rate, steps, activity and provide feedback to the users.

Fitness Applications

StrongThis Application is becoming popular due to its features and simplicity as it is simple to use, It helps the user to add many different exercises in their daily activity so as to keep a track. It provides recommendations and also evaluates the performance and gives suggestions. It is preferred by many personal trainers.

MyFitnessPalIt is a app and website which is owned by Under Armor whichtracks an individuals diet and exercise. The user can simply put his/her desired goals and the app will provide them with the required diet and nutrients for the desired body type/weight. It is simple to use and acts a reminder for the user on a regular basis to update and be updated. The user can easily calculate his/her macros or micros based on the daily food intake which has been updated. The app provides detailed knowledge of diets, nutrients, exercise, bmi, etc.

FlexitIt is an application which is user friendly and helpful for travellers who like to work out during their travels. It allows user to see different fitness gyms in the area whenever they want. The customers have to to pay for the duration of the workout and are charger by per minute basis. It can be accessed easily. Users can search and view high tech gyms easily.

Boltt Health application – It is an appl which in trending and very futuristic as it analyses data and gives real time Artificial Intelligence based coaching. It brings together the most important fundamentals effecting your health and fitness. It provides weight loss programmes and weight loss exercises, AI voice coaching and personalised health feedback.

Curefit – It is an indian health and fitness company which offers digital and offlines experiences across fitness and nutrition. It is trainer led and has group workout classes. It takes a holistic approach to physical and mental well being. It can be said that it is one of the best fitness brands.

Future of Fitness

Online CoachingPeople can now easily search for different exercises and workout plans and video to get information as many coaches are now offering online services. Eg- Youtube, Websites, Instagram. These coaches take fee for their professional help. This has open a whole new world wide client base and social media and through internet communication has become instant.

Virtual RealityVirtual Reality is becoming popular in the fitness industry as it is simple and can be accessed easily through streaming which saves time. It allows users to have a training session with their coach through headphones. It is becoming a great way to communicate and workout with others or with your coach. Technology such as this is becoming the future.

All in all, it can be ascertained that technology is creating new market within the fitness industry and new services and products are being offered to the conusumers. The fitness industry needs to adapt to these changes and make decisions accordingly so as to satisfy the consumer as the consumer always comes first. Technology is bringing whole new ways of potential development in the market. The fitness gyms should make decisions accordingly based on the types of customer, buying behavior, etc. The role of personal trainers can never be outdated so decisions should be made accordingly so as to imporve their skills and knowledge on new technoligies and methods.

New technology will definitely attract and bring more customers.