RCS Messaging For Android

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. We all know that text messages does not support some necessary features like group messaging, stickers, video calls, etc. Slow internet connection makes more difficult for the users to send or receive text messages and these text messages are also bound with 160 limited characters length. Android always lacked with this features and that’s why Android’s text message services cannot compete with the Apple’s iMessage. 

Considering all these limitations of text messages and to make them more useful, smartphone manufacturers along with the cell phone industry’s Governing bodies has decided to develop a new service. Rich Communication Service will be adding new features from the combination of the best of Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp in one platform, to pave a new way for text messages on Android.

What is RCS Messaging?

Rich Communication Service is the next generation of Text Messaging. It is basically an upgrade to the Text Message Feature. With its name, Rich Communication Services defines that it possess some rich features namely high quality photo sharing, video sharing, location sharing, map directions and many more. It was brought with a thinking of replacing the SMS and MMS messaging. 

Do you think RCS Messaging is important?

The answer will obviously be positive because it provides many more developed features than Text Messaging. RCS makes everything more easier by providing better texting services with rich messages and other extra features. This enables group messages, video calls, read receipts, and also removes the most annoying limitation of text messages, that is, surely the 160 character limitation.

How to enable RCS in Android?

To enable RCS chat features in Android, open the Google message and tap on the pop-up appeared. Select settings from the three dots in the upper-right corner and continue after entering your Phone number. Follow this easy step and  make text messages more interesting.

Google: The biggest supporter of RCS Messaging on Android

Many companies have helped RCS Messaging but Google proves to be the biggest supporter of this Messaging service in Androids. In recent years it was being tried to increase the acquisition as it wants to implement it in Androids. Google makes the RCS’ new feature “chat” as the part of Android Messaging App.