Jisse Pinkman is worth watch, rest El Camino is a sucker of a movie

After watching Breaking Bad, one might wonder what to do next. Watch Game of thrones, Na for sure. Sympathy for people who watched all season of GOT. Coming back to Breaking Bad Movie.
You might want to recall where you left off and watch the trailer of El Camino and refresh your memory.

Heisenberg, Walter White, WW sounds familiar. Of course we aren’t gonna write about him, lets talk movie, trailer, IMDb rating shall we.

The movie has been rated 7.9/10 by IMDB and 93% by rotten tomatoes users world wide.

El Camino : Breaking Bad movie picks up right where the series ended and the story takes u turns, left turns, right turn and what not. If you are not a Breaking Bad fan, we would recommend you watch the series before watching El camino.

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El Camino movie review
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El Camino movie review
This article is not for faint hearted and spoilers ahead. Read what Jisse pinkman is upto in EL Camino : Breaking Bad Movie
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